The Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship belongs  to  the  most  beautiful  and  at  the  same time  most  touristically  and  economically  attractive regions of Poland.The coast of the Baltic Sea makes up the northern boundary of the voivodship, the border with Germany from the west and borders with the following voivodships in the east and the south: Pomorskie, Lubuskie and Wielkopolskie. Szczecin is the capital of the region – the city  with  a  thousand-year-old  tradition  and rich history. The Celtic, Slavic and German traditions have met here leaving indelible traces, which are still vivid in the contemporary Szczecin. The Chrobry sea banks are attractive any time of day and year, the Castle of Pomeranian Dukes attracts with its cultural offer, Opera House at the Castle, many pubs and discotheques are also waiting for guests to entertain.Szczecin  and  its  attractions  are  just a prelude to what’s inside the voivodship. The Baltic  Sea  coast,  the  Szczeciński  Lagoon  or around  hundreds  of  lakes  are  provided  with perfect conditions for varied relaxation. Rivers, forests, primeval forests, landscape parks and nature reserves, all of this makes the Zachodniopomorskie  Voivodship  a  perfect  place  for relaxation. Numerous tourist trails with many view spots lead through the most picturesque nooks of the voivodship. The Baltic Sea coast means not only ba-thing spots, broad and sandy beaches and steep cliffs, but also prefect conditions for water sports. Every year, the place offers new water slides, jet ski hire points and places frying sea fish  straight  from  a  fishing  boat.  Cruises  on the Szczeciński and Kamieński Lagoons, open sea boat trip or speeding on the waves of the Baltic Sea on a fast hydrofoil to Bornholm leave unforgettable experiences. Many yachting enthusiasts are seen nowadays at the open sea and the following lakes: Miedwie, Drawsko, Lubie, Siecino, Pile, Wilimie, Bukowo, Resko and many other lakes. In order to fully learn and appreciate the charm of the sporty image of the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship,  you  have  to  come  here. The  shores of any, even a smallest lake, are provided with camp-sites. Golf courses are also worth recommending here. The facilities and the climate of the voivodship allow playing golf also during winter months.